• A Fool and His Money in Week 10

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    No intro. No nonsense. This week, we’re all about the picks, now featuring “locks” of the week.

    Note: The ‘$‘ will signify Nick’s “locks” of the week from this point forward while a ‘#‘ will mark Chadam’s favorite bets.

    New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

    Fools Take: FALCONS (+0) over Saints

    Nick says: I think this will be a high scoring affair. The home team has won every NFC South matchup so far this year, and the Falcons are undefeated at home.

    Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears

    Fools Take: Titans (-3) over BEARS $ #

    Nick says: The Titans’ defense versus Sexy Rexy. This is a no brainer and one of my locks of the week. We decided to add three locks each week and keep our records on those locks since its true that we don’t gamble on every game every week. We pick out a few we like and those are the ones that really matter.

    Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions

    Fools Take: Jaguars (-7) over LIONS

    Nick says: What happened to the Jags? They used to have a solid running game, but only managed 69 yards rushing against the Bengals. I was actually going to pick the Lions in this game, but I heard that Culpepper is starting after only a week with the team. That can’t be a good sign for your offense.

    Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins

    Fools Take: DOLPHINS (-9) over Seahawks $

    Nick says: Guess how many yards the leading receiver on the Seahawks has: Koren Robinson leads the WRs with 12 catches for 182 yards, but rookie TE John Carlson actually leads the team with 244 yards. Wow. I just can’t give any vote of confidence to a team like that.

    Green Pay Backers at Minnesota Vikings

    Chadam Takes: Packers (+3) over VIKINGS
    Nick Takes: VIKINGS (-3) over Packers

    In taking the Vikings, Nick says: I went back and forth on this game. Normally, I would take the points in any similar situation, but I just don’t see the Packers having an answer for Purple Jesus.

    Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

    Fools Take: PATRIOTS (-4.5) over Bills

    Nick says: I said last week that it was time for the Bills to panic. They have now lost three of their last four. If they don’t win this one, I’m willing to bet they fold for the rest of the season. I don’t think the Patriots will lose back to back games.

    St. Louis Rams at New York Jets

    Fools Take: JETS (-7) over Rams

    Nick says: Thomas Jones is very quietly having a nice season. He has been the steady hand next to Favre’s typical erratic play. The Jets have struggled with the easy teams this season, but I like them at home against a very bad Rams team.

    Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans

    Chadam Takes: TEXANS (+0) over Ravens
    Nick Takes: Ravens (+0) over TEXANS

    In taking the Ravens, Nick says: The Ravens come in with a three-game winning streak and winning each game by double digits. I like that momentum, and I’m not sure Sage Rosenfels will be able to overcome that choke job against the Colts earlier in the season.

    Carolina Panthers at Oakland Raiders

    Fools Take: Panthers (-7.5) over RAIDERS $ #

    Nick says: Has anything changed recently? No, the Raiders still suck. They are so bad that they cut DeAngelo Hall less than eight months after trading for him and signing him to a $70 million contract. Seriously, everyone on that team knows the season is over. Lock it up.

    Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers

    Fools Take: STEELERS (-3) over Colts

    Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers

    Fools Take: Chiefs (+14) over CHARGERS

    Nick says: That is just too many points for my liking. The Chiefs have hung in there the last two games, and San Diego hasn’t exactly impressed anyone this year. Plus, my man Jamaal Charles is getting the first start of his career.

    New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

    Fools Take: Giants (-3) over EAGLES #

    Nick says: I like the Eagles, but I’m going to take what a lot of people consider the best team in the NFL and the points. Thank you very much.

    San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals

    Chadam Takes: CARDINALS (-11) over 49ers
    Nick Takes: 49ers (+11) over CARDINALS

    In taking the 49ers, Nick says: Everybody has now had some time to get on board with Mike Singletary. I like him and Shaun Hill to jumpstart this team. Of course, I don’t expect them to win. All I ask is that they cover the spread.

    To summarize…

    Chadam’s Locks (#): Titans (-3) over BEARS, Panthers (-7.5) over RAIDERS, Giants (-3) over EAGLES

    Nick’s Locks ($): Titans (-3) over BEARS, DOLPHINS (-9) over Seahawks, Panthers (-7.5) over RAIDERS

    Last Week:

    Chadam: 7-7
    Nick: 7-7

    Current Standings after Week 9:

    Chadam: 64-61-2
    Nick: 66-59-2
    Simmons: 66-59-3