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    While we don’t talk much about college football here at Fantasy Football Fools, we do offer up some college football player analysis leading up to the NFL draft, the occasional college fantasy football strategy, or a debate on the validity of the BCS. If there’s any pressing college football information that might affect your fantasy football team, this year or beyond, you’ll find it here.

    2010 NFL Draft Mock Draft: Because it’s only fun to mock if you can pretend you’re smarter than other people

    by  • April 20, 2010 • College Football, Mock Drafts • 0 Comments

    Oh, it’s that beautiful time again. Time for the birds to start chirping in the trees. Time for the flowers to begin to bloom. Time for me to ignore all of these things because it’s finally time for the NFL draft. Who cares about nature? There’s no reason to go outside until the NFL...

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