Social media mentions predict the 2013 NFL Draft picks [Infographic]

If we can’t believe mock drafts, who are we to believe when it comes to predicting the NFL draft?

iProspect proposes we should listen to social media. More specifically, they think we can use Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and message board mentions to predict the top 10 picks in the draft. Via Mashable:

That’s the premise of some algorithmic number-crunching done by the online marketing company iProspect. The firm tracked mentions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, message boards and other platforms of the draft’s top prospects. It kept tabs on which players were mentioned the most with which teams, then matched those results up to the NFL’s draft order to project the first 10 players selected.

You can see the predictions they assembled in the infographic below.

Social Media NFL Draft 2013 Prediction Infographic via iProspect

Infographic via iProspect