• Time to drop Ronnie Brown, Fred Davis, and Braylon Edwards

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    I’d also add Isaiah Pead, Tim Tebow, and David Wilson (might wait until we see him play Thursday night)  to the droppable list Cecil offers up unless you’re in a deeper league. If you need the spot for a more promising waiver wire pickup, don’t be afraid to let these guys walk this week.

    Who are you torn about dropping this week? Or who are you preparing to drop if they don’t show up in Week 3? Throw some names in the comments, and we’ll discuss.

    Stick a fork in Michael Turner

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    Turner looked slow and unable to break even arm tackles. He isn’t a threat to contribute in the passing game, so you’re only real hope is that he picks up enough touchdowns to stay fantasy relevant. The Falcons had eight snaps inside the Chiefs’ 10 yard line on Sunday and Turner had one carry. If you have a way to get rid of him for anything of value, do it now.

    Heath Cummings  of Footballguys.com on Michael Turner’s slow start to the season in Week 1

    What You Missed This Offseason: Late Game Kickoffs Moved Back 10 Minutes

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    The announcement came down in June, but if you don’t follow football 24/7, you may not have heard that the NFL put an end to one of the biggest Sunday afternoon frustrations. Afternoon games will now start 10 minutes later to give us a chance to see any fourth quarter heroics at the end of the early games.

    The NFL has announced that kickoffs for late games will be moved back 10 minutes, from 4:15 ET to 4:25. That’s because the NFL’s arcane broadcast rules have forced viewers to be switched away from the ends of games, often very exciting ends, to catch the start of the second game featuring their territorial home team. According to the league, that’s happened 44 times over the past three seasons.

    No need for angry tweets about missing the final minutes? Now what am I supposed to do between games…