Week 12 Starts: Down for Antonio Brown

Matchups has it all.

Certified advice from Keepers says you can start Eli Manning this week and dislikes Antonio Brown’s chances against Joe Haden. Does Haden have an island yet?

Matthew Berry doesn’t love bullies, but he does love Zac Stacy, Ben Tate, and Mike Glennon, just to name a few.

The Sablich brothers at The New York Times like Rashad Jennings to continue his hot streak.

Bob Henry of FootballGuys.com thinks this is the week Colin Kaepernick comes back to fantasy life. He’s got some good sleeper potential. He’s even ranked in the top 10 this week at Rotoworld.

“Getting Defensive” at Rotoworld expects the Cardinals D/ST to hold up against the Colts.

Who should you get rid of before the fantasy playoffs and who should you hold? CBS has your answer.

And CBS recommends starting Jordy Nelson over Antonio Brown.

Fantasy Football Librarian is back with a bundle of links.

Good luck in Week 12.