Week 3 Starts and Sits: Poor Browns, the Vikings will destroy you

Keepers has some nice suggestions this week, so I thought I’d share the full vid of Matt Ufford’s talents.

I do not agree with jumping off the Michael Vick train, though he had a rough night tonight. I’m still a believer. All aboard.

But can we all be done with Ryan Mathews now?

Get your matchups on with Evan Silva.

Matthew Berry loves Matthew Stafford and hates Andrew Luck.

Rotoworld’s Jeff Ratcliffe tells you why you should start the Minnesota D this week.

CBS is down on top QBs this week and recommends starting Philip Rivers and Sam Bradford over Cam Newton, Tom Brady, and Matt Schaub. Bold? Maybe.

If you picked up James Starks this week, you probably want to start him against the Bengals. The Fake Football doesn’t think that’s such a great idea.

And if you need more? There’s plenty more. A full wealth of link love is available at Fantasy Football Librarian here and even more here.

  • nahtanhoj ebutuoy

    How many dollars ($) would you bid on James Starks in a FAAB league? Is $20 to high?

    • Michael Mountain

      Yea I would definitely say $20 is too much money, I did drop Brandon Jacobs for him though in one league, don’t feel bad about that at all

      • Savvy move, @823ee99c49e91844094586deea20c997:disqus. I agree. I don’t think you should feel bad about dropping Jacobs for Starks at all.

    • Sorry for the late response, @e5b245c7ea0316a1bd0f491f62a3728b:disqus, but as I said in the Week 3 pickups post – http://www.fantasyfootballfools.com/waiver-wire/week-3-pickups-eddie-royal-takes-crown/ – I wouldn’t have spent more than 10 percent of your budget on Starks.

  • Potato Gunners

    This is my first year playing fantasy, and Ryan Mathews is my RB2. 1) Should I make a move or will I be OK? 2) Why does he spell his last name with one ‘t’?

    • M. Berry

      Welcome to fantasy football! Great sport.

      I run a small fantasy blog, and I am just finishing a post about players I don’t trust – Ryan Mathews will disappoint you more than a straight-to-DVD movie you find in the $4 bin at Walmart.

    • Bigwood Poogeroni

      I KNOW RIGHT? It’s like those weirdos who spell the name Marc with a ‘c’. Too cool for a ‘k’, huh?

      • nicktator

        I’m gonna name my kid Marc with a ‘c’ and he’s gonna be so good at sports and win at everything and probably beat your kid up too.

        If I was in your league Potato Gunners, I’d offer you DeAngelo Williams for Matthews.

    • You should definitely be worried. The Chargers coaching staff doesn’t seem to trust Mathews, and as such, he isn’t getting enough touches to justify an RB2 play. It’s especially alarming that he gets passed over for Ronnie Brown and Woodhead when the Chargers fall behind, which could happen more and more as the season progresses. I’d look to make a move if you can work anything out in your league.

      As for his spelling, @98db9db3f314a332725079a3a57e1c74:disqus, I don’t know. Maybe his family just wanted to be unique? Or perhaps they ran out of boxes filling out those forms that require you to put one letter in each space?


    OOPS !!!

    • Oops is right, @a4f8085f2cbf1314c09f4a9f07b2b800:disqus. It seems the Browns have more life than we thought without Trent Richardson…or perhaps the Vikings secondary is just that terrible.