Week 2 Pickups: Carson Carson Carson Carson Carson Chameleon

Week 2 wasn’t quite as exciting for pickup hunting as Week 1, but, with two weeks down, we have a little more clarity on how valuable these free agents could be for your team this season. Looking back on last week’s list, Javorius “Buck” Allen appears to be the top of the class. His role in Baltimore has expanded with the injury to Danny Woodhead. With Terrance West suffering through a soft tissue injury, the Ravens could lean on him even more in Week 3.

Not to be forgotten, Tarik Cohen continues to see a high percentage of Chicago’s touches — 24.7 percent, to be exact, according to John Paulsen — and he’ll have better weeks than what Week 2 had in store for him.

This week, injuries hit many of the fantasy football elite so you may be looking for depth or a worthy stash to help you through the rest of your season. Tight ends were especially hard hit.

And if you gambled on some aged veteran players, you might be regretting that decision now. Adrian Peterson owners saw him take a backseat again in Week 2. At this point, it’s fair to consider dropping AP for players with more opportunity. He trailed just ahead of Brandon Marshall in terms of veteran players that owners were frustrated with heading into Week 3, but the winner was “All of the Above.”

Carson Palmer, while not winning the poll, is still not winning his owners any weeks thus far this season. Don’t hold him if you can look elsewhere for QB points with useful free agents like Trevor Siemian and Carson Wentz rising up the ranks.

If Chris Carson, the rookie RB for the Seahawks, is still available in your league, be sure to go after him this week as your top priority. His path is clear to take over the lead role after Seattle featured him heavily in Week 2.

Even if Rawls gets a few more “starts,” it seems clear that Carson has the most talent and ability.

The offensive line in Seattle still needs to get it together, but this running game should have value, especially if Eddie Lacy continues to be a healthy scratch.

After Carson, the decisions get a little more difficult. According to our poll, the Redskins’ Chris Thompson is the highest priority after his two touchdown performance on Sunday.

Rob Kelley may miss time with a rib injury, which would open up more opportunity for Thompson, primarily the receiving back for the Redskins. Samaje Perine would also likely get a larger share of the touches if Kelley misses time, but Thompson’s role has more staying power.

Those seeking less expensive running backs on the wire can look to stash a Johnson as both Chris Johnson, now back in Arizona, and Duke Johnson had productive Week 2 performances.

Alex Collins, recently signed to the Ravens, could be a sneaky pickup if Terrance West misses significant time or if Collins gets his chance to shine.

At receiver, two Jaguars wide receivers, Marqise Lee and Allen Hurns, are available in many leagues and gained value due to Allen Robinson’s injury. Unfortunately, you have to trust Blake Bortles to get them the ball.

For my roster, I’d rather stash someone like J.J. Nelson. Despite Carson Palmer’s poor play, Nelson still produced in both Week 1 and Week 2. Even if John Brown gets back on the field, he appears to be worth owning, especially in PPR.

Last but not least, you can also target Jermaine Kearse on the wire this week. The Jets are not a good team this season, and they’ll have a lot of garbage time opportunity for their top receiver.

If you’re looking for wide receiver value on the cheap, try grabbing Rashard Higgins of the Cleveland Browns, likely to be the top receiver with the loss of Coleman, or Geronimo Allison, who has an awesome name and the potential to step into a larger role for Green Bay if Jordy Nelson misses time.

Good luck in Week 3!

Week 1 Pickups: Forgetting David Johnson

If you are patrolling the waiver wire this week with tears in your eyes, we know the feeling. Losing your first round draft pick is always painful.

Don’t expect to get David Johnson-esque numbers from these options, but the consensus opinion for replacing him seems to be his direct backup, Kerwynn Williams.

That said, the top target on most waivers this week will be Tarik Cohen, the electrifying runner in Chicago involved in the passing game. With Chicago Bears’ receivers dropping by the second, Cohen could see a great deal of usage this season.

If I had to replace Johnson, I would target Tarik Cohen first, followed by Javorius (Buck) Allen, in line for more work for the Ravens with the injury to Danny Woodhead. Williams would be my third pick to replace Johnson, even if the poll audience preferred him over Buck. And, secretly, I think Andre Ellington could be the true beneficiary of David Johnson’s missed time if the Cardinals play from behind much this season.

Chris Johnson will also have a role in the committee that Arizona is putting together, but, considering the Cardinals cut him to start the season, I imagine the other options will get the first chances to succeed. All three Arizona RBs are worth rostering if you have the space to add them.

If you need depth at wide receiver and don’t have the option of adding Kenny Golladay because someone already drafted him or picked him up, Cooper Krupp of the Rams is a nice stash and potential starter this week. Jared Goff looked his way often in Week 1, and that trend should continue.

At tight end, Austin Hooper stood out with his splashy touchdown reception (and stiff arm). There are likely safer options like Charles Clay on your waiver wire, but I’d stash Hooper if you can afford to camp on a tight end to see if he pans out with season-long value.

On defense, I’m looking to stash the Jaguars anywhere that I can even if I don’t stream them this week in case this #Sacksonville name sticks. Streamers should look to the Baltimore Ravens this week as they face the Browns and their rookie quarterback in just his second week of NFL play.

Good luck in Week 2!

Week 10 Starts and Sits: Chris Johnson lives! Maybe. Sort of.

Even if Chris Johnson will only have one more good game this season, this is the game to start him. The Jaguars owe us that.

And Matt Forte could be in for a big game of his own if Matchups is correct that Trestman will lean on the run to protect a possibly not 100 percent Jay Cutler.

Is DeMarco Murray a safe bet the rest of the way? Keepers will take that chance. Continue reading

Week 8 Starts and Sits: All of the byes! All of them!

Keepers gets the lead off. Reuben Randle is looking like a weekly flex play with the amount of targets he’s getting in the Giants passing game. Sad face for the rec to sit Greg Olsen after he finally got in the end zone Thursday night.

Is it bad that I’m starting to come back around on Chris Johnson? I think he’s so bad…I think he might be good for soft spot of his upcoming schedule. Help me. Continue reading

Week 6 Starts and Sits: Anything nice to say about Chris Johnson?

You know what’s worse than byes? Injuries. And we got a bunch of them against this week with owners losing Julio Jones and Owen Daniels. Jones obviously hurts the most as a highly drafted WR1.

There are a few options to replace him, but…it just won’t be the same, you know?

Matchups gets things started this week.

Rotoworld’s Patrick Daugherty ranks Tony Romo as his No. 4 quarterback going into a Week 6 matchup against the very easy to pass against Redskins. He also starts this week’s ranks with a more positive, hopeful note about Chris Johnson than I’ve seen from most out there this week, even though it’s not completely positive. Maybe that’s how bad CJ?K is this season. Continue reading

Week 5 Starts and Sneaky Pickups

Yes, yes. We never got to pickups this week. But if it’s any consolation, we didn’t have much to work with. Danny Woodhead is stashed in many a league and has been mentioned previously. Rashad Jennings isn’t exactly exciting.

Zac Stacy makes for a sneaky play or stash this week as he could potentially get the majority of carries for the Rams this week. And Justin Blackmon returns from suspension to save the day if Blaine Gabbert can deliver him a pass.

For more pickups or sneaky stashes, read up at Rotoworld, The Hazean, Fantasy Football Librarian, and FantasyPros. Continue reading

Monday Morning Therapy: Steven Jackson’s groin hates fantasy football

I’d like to try something a little different here at Fantasy Football Fools.

I give you a lot of advice, good and bad, throughout the season, but what about all the anger management we have to endure? Injuries. Benchings. When your team leaves you hanging Sunday, there’s got to be some good way to vent.

For that, I’d like to bring you Monday Morning Therapy — conveniently published on Tuesday this time around…but maybe we’ll get better at that.

Let me know what you think and join in on the comments. If you like this feature, I’ll try to keep it going throughout the season.

Chris Johnson. There’s a good place to start (or not start, many Johnson owners might say). Can anyone find Chris Johnson’s fantasy points? I think we lost them back in 2010. He’s jumpy behind the line and has nowhere to go. I’m starting to feel like he’s a dud again this season.

While we’re on the subject of Johnsons, Andre had a pretty terrible game as well, but when you play the Jaguars and have Arian Foster and Ben Tate to feed, there’s not really any reason to throw the ball. I can understand that, but can A.J.’s fantasy owners?

After a brilliant Week 1, Tony Romo looked pretty much just like this in Week 2. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Steven Jackson is a beast, but beasts run so hard that they injure their own groin. That groin prevented him from getting into the end zone from the 1 in the second quarter Sunday. And after that disappointment and the thunder spike that got him penalized, Jackson couldn’t get back into the game. In his stead, Daryl Richardson ran for 83 yards with 19 yards receiving.

THOSE ARE JACKSON’S POINTS. What would have put Jackson up for a 10+ fantasy day instead becomes waiver wire fodder that probably won’t pan out any other week this season.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s younger counterpart in running-back-on-a-terrible-team purgatory did this. I’m going to regret drafting Jackson, aren’t I?

I would have been better off drafting Reggie Bush.

Larry Fitzgerald hasn’t impressed so far this year, and it made sense with Skelton going down in Week 1 and Kolb returning to center without the reps. But in Week 2, we expected Fitz to produce against the Patriots. At least for more than his 1 catch for 4 yards in a historically bad Fitzgerald performance.

Victor Cruz seemed to bounce back just fine from a bad Week 1. Why can’t you do it too, Larry?

Who ruined your Week 2 victory? Who left you with a big ZERO in the points column? Sound off in the comments.

Week 2 Starts to Sit Well With Me: Milk Was a Bad Choice

Is your fantasy team starting to make you feel like this?

It’s getting a little rough out of there after only one week of play. So how about we get to a better place in Week 2?

For the most part, you should stick to your guns this week and see if your team rises into the fantasy juggernaut you thought you drafted in Week 2, but there are a few situations worth worrying about.

Matchups That Scare Me This Week:

Michael Vick vs. Ravens. As bad as Vick looked against the Browns, this game could be even worse. He’s probably better than he showed in Week 1, but when is he going to be that guy again? I think you’re stuck starting him if you drafted him as an elite option, but brace yourself.

Chris Johnson vs. Chargers.  I’m not sure if it’s his instincts or his offensive line, but it’s looking like another looooong year for Chris Johnson owners. The Chargers slowed down Darren McFadden in Week 1 and could easily keep Johnson at bay. Chances are he’s another player you just have to start because of where you had to draft him, and we’ll just have to hope he finds his rhythm in Week 2.

Trent Richardson vs. Bengals. It’s tough to be a Brown right now. That’s about all you can say.

Michael Turner vs.  Broncos. I’m not alone in doubting Turner, and a Denver no huddle attack led by Peyton Manning should force the Falcons into a hurried no huddle of their own. Turner won’t do much for you this week unless he finds the  end zone. Jacquizz Rodgers is the Atlanta running back to own this season, but he probably needs another week or two to ripen.

For a more upbeat look at starts and sits for Week 2, I’m throwing it to Footballguys TV.

Good luck…and avoid the milk this Sunday.