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    Overreaction Monday: Why Did I Draft Chris Johnson?

    by  • September 12, 2011 • News • 2 Comments

    http://youtu.be/fjL-4nwnkkk Chris Johnson. Steven Jackson. Adrian Peterson. THE COLTS! Why can’t we have nice things?!? Green Bay is an unstoppable force of fantasy football goodness. I’m picking up the Packers’ ball boy on the waiver wire this week, and I fully expect him to get at least 10 touchdowns this season. But the Saints...

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    Why Jahvid Best is the Best

    by  • September 22, 2010 • Culture • 0 Comments

    With a name like Best, you should have known he was going to be good, but  this video might also have helped clue you in on his talent.

    You can only blame yourself for not getting a piece of this guy in your own fantasy football draft. I’ve heard people compare him to Chris Johnson and a young Brian Westbrook, both good signs for his future in the league.

    Personally, I hope he’s more like Johnson because a breakout season much like the one Chris Johnson put together last year would just do wonders for my RB2 spot.

    If you’re on the outside of Best looking in, it’s going to be difficult to land him unless you really, really want to buy him at his current cost: arm, leg, firstborn, and probably your first round draft pick.

    It will be “Best” to give it some time and see if his current owner gets antsy or needs to make a deal to compensate for another weakness in their team. If they come calling, don’t hesitate to take Best.

    How to Win Your Fantasy Football League on Draft Day – vers. 2010

    by  • August 19, 2010 • Draft Strategy, Player Rankings, Tips & Strategy • 10 Comments

    When it comes to fantasy football draft strategy, I’ve tried almost everything. RB-RB? Of course. Draft a quarterback in the first round? Sure. WR-WR? Most definitely. But all this trial and error has paid off. After hammering out what I think is my best strategy to date last season in the “cutting out the...

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