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    The League S03E07: Carmenjello kills zipper fairies

    by  • December 4, 2011 • Culture • 0 Comments

    Kevin's zipper fairies are dead

    What have we not ruined of Ruxin’s yet? Sex life? So let’s get right on that by having his wife Sofia accuse him of “breast favoritism” and shut him down for the night. But we’re not just picking on Ruxin this episode. Kevin’s got his own problems in the bedroom because Ellie’s room is...

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    The League S03E06: Yobogoya! Will Destroy Ya

    by  • December 4, 2011 • Culture • 1 Comment

    This episode brought both the shits and the giggles. Literally. The season is all about destroying Ruxin — body, mind and what’s left of his soul. I’m sure somewhere in The Art of War it details exactly the strategy Ruxin’s faced through the first half of this season. First, you crush their spirit by ruining...

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    The League S03E02: The Sukkah never trades

    by  • October 16, 2011 • Culture • 9 Comments

    Trades. Every league wants trades. They keep the league competitive and promote inspired conversation between league members. But it’s very difficult to maintain the culture that allows for them within a league because they are the most dangerous version of in-season gambling. Play a trade well…and you’ll have the envy and hatred of the...

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    The League S03E01: The Lockout with your Dirty Randy out

    by  • October 7, 2011 • Culture • 4 Comments

    All this season, just like last season, I’ll be recapping episodes of FX’s The League, a tribute to fantasy football culture in sitcom form. Stop by every Friday to discuss the highlights of each episode and commemorate the best trash talk and one-liners. Bang-bang! What’s the hang? What better way to begin a season of...

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    Own your very own Kluneberg from The League

    by  • August 17, 2011 • Culture • 2 Comments

    If you watched The League, you probably imagined which character you were most like in your own fantasy football league. Are you a Kevin? Married to an awesome wife? Generally happy about things? Slightly frustrated with the way your team turns out every year? Or are you the Pete? Nonchalant? A master of the...

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