Who are you overdrafting in 2013?

ESPN’s Eric Karabell knocks drafting Aaron Rodgers, Darren McFadden, DeMarco Murray, Greg Jennings, Rob Gronkowski, and Danny Amendola at their current average draft positions.

Karabell always seems to be a running back (RB-RB) traditionalist, so his dislike of Aaron Rodgers as a first round pick and advising against injury-prone backs doesn’t surprise me.

On the Gronkowski front, I’ve actually seen Gronk fall past Round 5 in 12-team leagues, which makes him a value pick. Advice like this may push him down a few rounds more in your leagues. So I’d keep your eye on him as you round out the fifth in your drafts.

  • Bigwood Poogeroni

    David Wilson is gonna be a stone cold PIMP this year

    • Coach Bayes

      Dude I agree, I made fun of the guy who drafted Wilson in the 3rd round of my draft this year, but in all honesty I’m super jealous. My prediction: 1400 total yards and 9 TDs, he will be money in the bank with Andre Brown out for the next month or two.

      • J Ree

        No way. I been in top 9 of my league for last 5 years, so belive me when I say Wilson will fumble his way onto bench by week 3

    • M. Berry

      I run a small fantasy blog, and I’m in the midst of writing an article about this exact topic – he will be a high first rounder in 2014.

      • M. Berry

        You heard me.

    • Yahweh

      I agree with you Mr. Poogeroni. I drafted him in my “Pearly Gates” league and I feel blessed to have him (after I drafted all of the Saints I could, of course). He and Tebow are my favorite sleepers in 2013 AD

    • That’s a bold prediction. Unfortunately, he hasn’t looked so good thus far. I think he’s got some work to do to prove himself to his team and coaches.

  • Youtube Johnathan

    Stephen Jackson for life! ESPN said so, your all gonna rerget it

    • PatientGF

      Go get that trophy babe! Can’t wait to have something gold to show off, even if it’s only a fantasy football trophy…

    • nicktator

      It’s you’re, not your, dumbass